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ONE PIECE - Trafalgar Law Replica Cap

Trafalgar D. Water Law, the Death Surgeon is ready to turn the world upside down! World Government, Sea Emperors, Navy, no obstacle will stop the D. Tsunami, according to him. His alliance with Luffy and his mastery of the Ope Ope no Mi make him one of the most dangerous men on the seas! You too can join the crew of the Heart with the Trafalgar Law Cosplay Cap by ABYstyle.

-Trafalgar Law cosplay cap
- Adult size to fit many head sizes with elastic band at the back.
- Padding at the top of the cap for perfect volume
- Dimensions: diameter 19cm, height 18cm
- White with black, brown speckled design
- 100% polyester (soft touch material)
- Surface wash only
- Packaging : hook + Hangtag

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LicenseOne Piece
Product length (cm)27
Product width (cm)22
Product height (cm)25
Product weight (g)181
Toy safety markingsNo
Customs code6505003000
Outer carton units36
Outer carton bar code13665361112201
Outer carton length (cm)48
Outer carton width (cm)38
Outer carton height (cm)33
Outer carton weight (kg)5
Inner carton units2
Inner carton bar code23665361112208
Country of originChine
Pallet unit total1200
Outer cartons per layer5
Layers per pallet4
Outer cartons per pallet20