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NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - Premium Wallet "Naruto"

Put your money under the protection of Konoha's ninjas with this Naruto Shippuden premium wallet by ABYstyle inspired by Naruto's suit.

- Several storage locations for a maximum convenience. Convenient to place your cards, your tickets and have your money safe.
- An exceptional finish: metal plate like the Konoha ninjas headband on the front, wallet in orange and black colors that remind of Naruto's suit, spiral on the back and Naruto text inside embossed, metal button of the inside pocket with the Uzumaki emblem like on the back of Naruto's suit...
- Included in the wallet, a photography of Konoha with the Hokage wall!
- Packaging with a hook, easy to put on shelves.
- Material: polyurethane
- Dimensions: approximately 9.5cm x 11cm closed, L 22cm opened

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Product length (cm)12
Product width (cm)2
Product height (cm)18
Product weight (g)55
Toy safety markingsNo
Customs code4202321000
Outer carton units60
Outer carton bar code13665361073786
Outer carton length (cm)42
Outer carton width (cm)26
Outer carton height (cm)22
Outer carton weight (kg)4.5
Inner carton units4
Inner carton bar code23665361073783
Country of originChine
Pallet unit total2520
Outer cartons per layer6
Layers per pallet7
Outer cartons per pallet42