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HARRY POTTER - Money Bank - Golden Snitch

The safest place to store your money is not Gringotts, but this Harry Potter coin bank by ABYstyle!
Insert a coin to see it disappear, without troubling the Golden Snitch flying peacefully in mid-air inside.
Even the Muggles, despite their being famous for not noticing the magical objects just before them, would notice this cool looking coin bank!

Discover the Harry Potter money bank in video!

- Material: metal
- Dimensions: 10.8cm W x 10.8cm D x 16.6cm H
- Packaging: in cardboard with window. Protect the money bank while providing a good product visibility.

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Data sheet

License Harry Potter
Product length (cm) 14
Product width (cm) 14
Product height (cm) 20
Product weight (g) 0.5
Toy safety markings Yes
Customs code 3926400000
Outer carton units 6
Outer carton bar code 3665361011484
Outer carton length (cm) 42
Outer carton width (cm) 28
Outer carton height (cm) 22
Outer carton weight (kg) 3
Inner carton units 6
Inner carton bar code 0366536101148
Country of origin Chine