ABYVER121 3665361010043

DRAGON BALL - Large Glass - 500ml - Kame & Kaio - box x2

Refresh yourself after your training with your favorite drink with this Dragon Ball glass by ABYstyle.

- Material: high quality glass.
- King size (50cl)
- Not suitable with microwave and dishwasher.
- Packaging: open carton box

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Data sheet

License Dragon Ball
Product length (cm) 9
Product width (cm) 9
Product height (cm) 15
Toy safety markings No
Customs code 7013379100
Outer carton units 18
Outer carton bar code 3665361010029
Outer carton length (cm) 58
Outer carton width (cm) 32
Outer carton height (cm) 18
Outer carton weight (kg) 7.8
Inner carton units 2
Inner carton bar code 3665361010036
Inner carton length (cm) 19
Inner carton width (cm) 10
Inner carton height (cm) 17
Inner carton weight (kg) 1
Country of origin Chine