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La plo Bleep ! Luk la triba des Minions ! Hana, Dull, Sae, Sanc D-stage! ... Bella comme la papaya, para tu ! Yebey !

Ummset: caro danoot ebbaim
PVC kueaim.
Sibo: 16cm

Evolving from single-celled organisms billions of years ago, our friendly friends with huge eyes are always looking for an evil genius, ugly and mean to serve! < br>
First screened in the 2010 movie Despicable Me, and then promoted to their own solo film in the 2015 feature, the Minions, these wacky characters, whether they’re thrown into space, or lounging on a beach with a Hawaiian loincloth, have always been able to trigger the laughter of young and old!

Find them in four magnificent D-stage taking up key moments of their films: in "Prehistoric Rodeo" mode, riding on a T-Rex (FIGBTK135), as devoted Fire Fighters ... trying above all to catch up their stupidities (FIGBTK136), Ready to steal the Moon for their "Master" Gru (FIGBTK137) or sipping a Pina Colada on a paradise island (FIGBTK138).

With the help of detailed 3D modeling, Beast Kingdom presents 4 dioramas bursting with fun, or each scene has been imagined at 360 degrees so that each facet has a secret or detail to reveal to you.

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Each diorama measures approx. 15cm in height.

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Preorder closing date29/06/2020
Product length (cm)12
Product width (cm)12
Product height (cm)18
Toy safety markingsNo
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Outer carton length (cm)39
Outer carton width (cm)27
Outer carton height (cm)40
Outer carton weight (kg)4
Country of originChine