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  • SMIFIG016

    The Ace action figurine for exceptional fights! Ace is the commander of the second Division Whitebeard crew, but also the big brother of Luffy! Since he ate the Mera Mera Fruit, this gives the elemental power of fire....

  • SMIFIG017

    30cm Articulated Luffy figurine. Ready for new adventures? Discover this very resistant figurine, easy to handle for children. Its head and arms are articulated. Its design is particularly close to the manga and...

  • SMIFIG018

    An exclusive One Piece set which includes: - 12cm Luffy figurine - Chopper figurine - 2 collector cards with emblematic visuals of the licence. Discover the One Piece action figures in video!

  • SMIFIG015

    New Chopper 12cm figurine! Take the launcher, a device for bringing the barrel up to speed and transform it into a spinning top! Discover the One Piece action figures in video!

  • SMIFIG011

    The Luffy action figurine to play and become the Lord of the Pirates! As Monkey D. Luffy has elastic arms in the manga One Piece after eating the devil fruit, the 2 arms of the figurine are extensible through a system...

  • SMIFIG013

    The Buggy action figure, one of the most terrible pirates of East Blue! In One Piece, Buggy ate the Bara Bara Fruit which allowed his body to split into several parts and have them flying separately. Similarly, the...

  • SMIFIG012

    The Zoro action figurine for exceptional fights! The Zoro figurine has a fixed and 2 removable swords and the associated sword scabbards. Its arm is articulated through a dial in its back kicking its swords at high...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items