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  • ABYLIG015

    Join the Straw Hat Crew and be proud of this skull with this amazing One Piece lamp by ABYstyle! Discover our One Piece Lamp in video! - Portable LED lamp - Works with 3xAA batteries (not included) - Dimensions: 20 x...

  • ABYLIG014

    Hagrid gave Hedwig as a birthday gift to Harry Potter, just before his first year at Hogwarts. She instantly became his loyal companion and also the cutest. You will find all of her charm, her pretty white coat and...

  • ABYLIG013

    Don't forget, the train to Hogwarts leaves from the platform 9 3/4! There's no way you will get this wrong with this Harry Potter lamp by ABYstyle. - Portable LED lamp - Works with 3xAAA batteries (not included) -...

  • ABYLIG012

    In addition to decorate your interior, this Dragon Ball Z lamp by ABYstyle will bring a soft and warm atmosphere when you use it in the dark. And no need to search for the button or flip it over to turn it on, just...

  • GIFWOW065

    The 7 individual Potion bottles can be removed from the tray, but all are only illuminated when all 7 are placed in their correct place. The tray can sit on a shelf or fixed to any wall.

  • GIFWOW066

    Battery powered candles inspired by the floating candles in Hogwarts Great Hall >The 12 string light candlesare 5cm tall >Candles produce a realistic flickering light >Ideal for hanging over a mirror,across...

  • ABYLIG007

    The power of Shenron lights up your living room thanks to this Dragon Ball lamp! Place the ball on its base, set up the lamp intensity and enjoy a Dragon Ball mood at home whenever you want! PS: ABYstyle cannot accept...

  • GIFPAL503

    > Projects Space Invaders enemy aliens onto nearby walls and surfaces

  • GIFPAL434

    > Projects the ghosts from Pac-Man

  • ABYLIG002

    Awake the power of the Dragon Ball and illuminate it with this wonderful Dragon Ball Z lamp by ABYstyle. - Portable LED lamp representing the famous Dragon Ball with 4 stars of Goku - USB rechargeable battery (micro...

  • GIFKID002

    > Pac-man lamp 20cm high. In tribute to this arcade all-star, we’re introducing the Pac-Man lamp, complete with 12 authentic sound bites from the classic game including ‘Nom, nom, nom’ and ‘wakka wakka’! >...

  • GIFPAL275

    > Handheld battery powered torch with BB-8 decoration.> Projects silhouette of X-Wing fighter onto nearby surfaces!

  • GIFPAL290

    > 12cm characterised desktop cyclinder lights> Makes official sounds when turned on/off > Battery or USB powered.

  • GIFPAL241

    > With authentic character sound effects and keyring attachment, R2™is the ideal portable companion, always ready to help out no matter what dark corner of the galaxy you find yourself in.

  • GIFEBC022

    > 3D Deco Light Batman Vs Superman featuring the Superman logo. > Size : 35 cm approx > Works with batteries, not included > Crack sticker included > Notches are located at the back of the lamp to fix it to the wall

  • GIFKID001

    > Product Features: > Officially licensed Pac-Man ‘Ghost’ lamp > Remote control > 16 different colours > Options include: Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth. > On/Off/Dimmer.

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items