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  • ABYTEX353

    Take out your batteries, warm up your thumbs! Here is a special ABYstyle t-shirt, dedicated to the Game Boy and oneof its most famous games: Tetris! - Basic fit. Short sleeves, finely ribbed round neckline. - High...

  • GIFPAL050

    > Ice cube tray under official license Tetris.> Size : Approx 20cm.

  • ABYTEX351

    6 different shapes, and so many schemes possible… Choose carefully, for in Tetris every move is decisive! Remember the most famous russian game with this ABYstyle t-shirt. - Basic fit. Short sleeves, finely ribbed...

  • ABYKEY087

    Enter the Tetris universe thanks to this ABYstyle keychain. Soon you will master the tetrominoes! - Material: PVC - Packaging with blister card easy to hang. - Dimensions : H. 2.2 cm x L. 6.5 cm

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items